How the Australian Open maximized their exposure and improved their CTR by 36% with

The Australian Open is a tennis tournament held annually at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The tournament is the first of the four Grand Slam tennis events held each year, preceding the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

In brief

  • Vertical: publisher/broadcast/sports

  • Products implemented: APV thumbnails + Top Videos

  • Video engagement results: we’ve seen a constant increase in video views & video engagement YoY

  • Minutely’s technology improved clicks, impressions and CTR percentages by 36% on desktop and 18% on mobile.


The Australian Open were looking for new ways to maximize their exposure and user engagement stats before, during and after their tournament (taking place each during January).

Captivating users and getting their attention to your video content (or any content for that matter) is always a challenge. Since they have fans all over the world, they wanted to do it in an automatic, efficient and successful way that would expose these fans to additional content during the tournament period of time.

They were looking to improve performance metrics (clicks, impressions, CTR) on both desktop and mobile.

SOLUTION’s AI-powered deep learning technology analyzes video content to identify peak moments and automatically extract highlights and teasers.

The AU Open team decided to implement the APVs and Top Videos solutions on their site both for their desktop and mobile.

That guaranteed that the games’ teasers and highlights were all generated automatically on all of the tournament’s digital platforms.


Dynamic, AI-powered smart teasers to replace static thumbnails and increase video consumption


Increase video discoverability and monetization

Combines 3-5 dynamic previews into a clickable and monetizable video reel

Maximize monetization and video views

Floating enabled to increase conversions and revenue


We can see a solid increase in CTR both on desktop and mobile throughout the month of January, with a peak during the crucial days of the tournament.

In terms of CTR percentage – we can see a significant increase during January with a 36% improvement on desktop and 18% improvement on mobile.

Looking at the comparison between users who were exposed to the Minutely APVs and the control group users that were not exposed to it – and the difference in CTR%.

In the bottom line: we can see that users that are exposed to Minutely’s solutions are more engaged.


For the Top Videos solution – we can see solid stats of clicks and CTR for both desktop and mobile.

And in

Following implementation of’s technology, The Australian Open experienced growth in video engagement, views, and revenue. The platform was a successful partner for the Australian Open, driving goals of increased engagement and CTR.