Minute taps AI to generate highlight reels of live broadcasts

written by Kyle Wiggers

Published by VentureBeat on August 13, 2018

Long gone are the days of the labor-intensive process of editing and curating clips, which takes time, skill, and a good deal of patience. Minute’s real-time preview generator joins other AI-powered tools in its product suite, including Top Videos, which automatically aggregates publishers’ top-performing video articles and presents recommendations to viewers, and Smart Video Preview, which generates teasers from existing videos. All of this is available through Minute’s Control Panel, a bespoke analytics dashboard which displays real-time statistics like CTR increase and video engagement.


Minute’s real-time software analysis tool ingests livestreams to generate attention-grabbing, five-to-seven-second clips from them.The resulting platform can boost a livestream audience by 13% and advertising revenue by up to 37%. It’s already been used by “top broadcasters” for the 2018 World Cup Russia, Golan said, and by dozens of sports, news, and entertainment websites.

“The initial idea was ‘How can we automatically edit videos and find the most interesting parts?‘ We’re trying to find ways to increase the chance that users will watch the video.” said Amit Golan CEP & Co-founder of Minute.